“Project to improve the water utility infrastructure of the Semeljci agglomeration”

  • GRUPA 1 – Works on the construction of the waste water drainage system in the settlements of Koritna, Kešinci and Semeljci and works on the improvement of the water supply system in the area of ​​the municipality of Semeljci are performed by the tenderer community Sokol d.o.o. and Izgradnja VVK d.o.o., and their subcontractors.

  • GRUPA 2 – Works on the construction of the waste water drainage system in the settlements of Mrzović and Vrbica are performed by the bidder community Izgradnja VVK d.o.o. and Sokol d.o.o. and their subcontractors

  • GRUPA 3 – Works on improving the water supply system of the wider Đakovica area are being carried out by a community of bidders: Sokol d.o.o., Izgradnja VVK d.o.o., Vodovod-Montaža d.o.o. and Crocus d.o.o.





Organized by Đakovo waterworks d.o.o. and the Municipality of Semeljci on November 8, 2021. in Semeljci, a press conference was held and a visit to the construction site of the largest and most valuable project in the area of ​​this municipality, the EU project “Project to improve the water utility infrastructure of the Semeljci agglomeration” co-financed from the Cohesion Fund. In addition to the conference, a tour of the construction site in Vrbica in Mrzovička Street was also held.

The beneficiary of the project is Đakovočki vodovod d.o.o., and the total value is HRK 219,567,261.25; 69.3% are EU grants, and the rest are co-financed by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development (13.30%), Hrvatske vode (13.30%), Semeljci Municipality (3.52%) and Đakovo water supply (0.57%) .

The press conference was attended by Mrs. Elizabeta Kos, Director of the Directorate of Water Management and Sea Protection, Mr. Zoran Đuroković, General Director of Croatian Waters, Mr. Josip Miletić, Deputy Prefect of Osječkobaranjska County, Mr. Antun Galić, Deputy Mayor of the City of Đakovo, Mr. Grga Lončarević, Head of Semeljci Municipality, and Mr. Ivan Kočiš, Director Đakovočko vodovodova d.o.o.

As part of the project, a pipeline will be built and reconstructed on the water supply and drainage system in the area of ​​the municipalities of Semeljci and Viškovci and the town of Đakovo (the settlements of Koritna, Kešinci, Semeljci and Mrzović and Vrbica). The construction of new pumping stations is planned, as well as the construction of a wastewater treatment plant (4,800 ES).

Director of Đakovo waterworks d.o.o. Mr. Ivan Kočiš addressed the crowd and at the same time presented the project through a presentation. He also added that this project is historic for the Municipality of Semeljci.

The mayor of the municipality, Mr. Grga Lončarević, agreed with the same and pointed out that this project is more valuable than the entire infrastructure built so far in the municipality of Semeljci, and invited all the residents to join the system.

How important the project is for the entire Osijek-Baranja County, the Deputy Prefect Mr. Josip Miletić emphasized and expressed satisfaction that this project, i.e. numerous new connections, line infrastructure, but also everything that is needed for better economic development, will significantly to improve the quality of life of the residents of Semeljac and the entire area covered by the Đakovo Waterworks. He pointed out that agglomerations worth HRK 2 billion are being implemented in the area of ​​Osijek-Baranja County.

The general director of Hrvatske vode, Mr. Zoran Đuroković, said that thanks to these types of projects, our country is getting closer to European standards for household drainage system coverage. – It is about more than 50 kilometers of sewage collectors, thanks to which more than 3,600 inhabitants will be connected to the public drainage system. Up until now, there was no drainage with wastewater treatment in the area of ​​Semeljci Municipality, and now more than 90% of public drainage will be solved.

Director of the Directorate of Water Management and Sea Protection of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Mrs. Elizabeta Kos pointed out that the Semeljci agglomeration project is one of 60 projects approved in the 2014-2020 program period. whose total value is more than HRK 25 billion, of which more than HRK 20 billion are eligible costs. “The Ministry is a partner in this project, so in addition to participating in the implementation of the approval and preparation of the project, we also co-finance this project with about 13%. The municipality of Semeljci will get a connection to the public drainage and water supply systems, and I emphasize that the preparations for the connection are also acceptable costs from EU funds, so the citizens will also participate less in the costs.